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Preventive Medicine & Health Assessment
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Regular body check-up is an effective means to assess one's health condition and enables an early detection of problems for timely treatments. One-stop health assessment services are offered at designated UMP medical centres.

With the increasing health awareness among the general public, we provide a whole range of health assessment services, such as Cardiac Stress Test (Treadmill Exercise ECG), Vision Test, Whole Abdominal Ultrasound, Serology test, Liver and Kidney Function Test, Diabetic Screening, and Cancer Marker. Various types of health assessment plans, including those designed specifically for different genders and common health problems, are available to cater for different needs.

Should further examinations or treatments be necessary, the attending doctor can refer the case to relevant specialists to ensure a timely follow-up.

Please click HERE to read more about guidelines for health assessments.

Preventive Medicine & Health Assessment Doctor

Dr. Chan Cheuk Hung, Jonathan x
Specialist Practitioner
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