Plastic Surgery & Head and Neck Surgery

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Plastic Surgery & Head and Neck Surgery

A specialist centre for outpatient plastic surgery and reconstructive surgery, GL Plastic Surgery & Head and Neck Surgery Centre offers the possibility of a safe, professional and quick-recovery cosmetic or head & neck surgery at a reasonable price. Its services can be divided into four main areas: head and neck surgery, cosmetic surgery, migraine surgery, and other services.

Head and neck surgery - e.g. cleftlip and palate surgery, oral cancer treatment, parotid gland surgery, tumour resection and reconstruction, and lymph node biopsy.

Cosmetic surgery - e.g. double-eyelid surgery, rhinoplasty, breast surgery, abdominoplasty, scar revision, and skin lifting

Migraine surgery - most of which can be conducted at the centre with local anaesthesia; one-third of the patients are free of migraine after the operation, while another one-third experience much reduced symptoms

Other services - e.g. skin cancer surgery, angioma treatment, and wound care

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