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Information for Corporate Clients

If you are interested in knowing how our medical network can serve your business, please contact us.
  • What should my employees pay attention to before receiving UMP's medical services?

    Before receiving UMP's medical service, employees are required to present their Hong Kong identity card and clearly indicate to the clinic staff the medical scheme that they have subscribed and the company that they work for.

    Please note that the coverage of your medical and dental card is bounded by the agreement made between your company and UMP.

    For details about our clinic procedure and special notes, please click HERE.

  • Does UMP provide relevant schemes for employee's family members ?

    Having understood the different medical needs of corporate employees, we have also developed suitable medical schemes for spouses and family members of corporate employees to also enjoy UMP's medical services. For further details, please contact our customer service specialist.

  • Will UMP be able to provide a healthcare scheme that can fulfil my company needs?
    We use data analysis to offer professional advices and customized cost effective one-stop healthcare solutions, thereby helping our clients to keep their corporate healthcare expenditure within budget, while delivering satisfactory and quality services to employees.
  • How can we access the information of clinics under our medical scheme?
    After confirming your company's application for health care plans, our Customer Service Specialists will provide your company with a login code. Please click on "Panel Provider List" and enter the login code to view the profiles of medical providers relevant to your company's plan.
  • What do employees need to know while they are visiting UMP clinics?
    Employees are required to present documents for service identification (e.g. UMP medical card/UMP dental card/ insurance card/staff card) and their Hong Kong identity cards. Please click HERE for the details of the workflow of a regular consultation and information on clinic services.
  • How can UMP's Corporate Health Solution benefit my corporate?
    Employees' health is often closely related to corporate productivity and talent management. Over the past 30 years, UMP has been guarding the health of employees under various health solution services. Our Corporate Health Scheme is tailored to your corporate needs, in which our dedicated Customer Service Specialists will assist your company in managing the health solution service plan for your employees.
  • What kinds of healthcare services can UMP provide to corporates?
    We offer a wide range of medical services that serve the clients of insurers and the employees of corporates. From general consultation to dental care and ophthalmology, UMP provides your clients and employees with one-stop medical services that take care of your health in a holistic way. In addition to outpatient services, our medical centres also provide health check-ups, visa medical examinations, and diagnostic imaging services. To fully take care of the medical needs of different corporates, we also provide credit facility, various billing models, and third party administration upon requests from our clients.
  • How can I get a quotation for Corporate Health Solution Services?

    You can click HERE to contact our staff. Our staff will confirm your enquiry and contact you within one week.

  • Does UMP provide services in other regions for my employees ?
    With over 600 service locations in Hong Kong, Macau and Mainland China, the service of UMP covers the Greater Bay Area and major cities in the Mainland, such as Beijing and Shanghai. Corporates can flexibly choose to use single or different combinations of medical services in Hong Kong, Macau and/or China according to their needs.
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