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Corporate Healthcare Solutions

Human resources is the most crucial asset of a company. A healthy workforce is beneficial to the productivity and efficiency of a company. Healthy employees with dynamic and energetic outlook also create positive corporate image. A far-sighted employer will take employee health as a strategic priority. Having a fit-for-purpose medical programme in place is an indispensable step for a company to building a motivated and productive workforce.

UMP has 30 years of experience in providing corporate healthcare programme. While we continue to drive for service excellence, we are also enhancing our service accessibility to the 1 million members and 3,000 corporations we are servicing with network coverage of more than 1,000 service points in Hong Kong, Macau and major cities in Mainland China. To cope with the increasing demand for digital services, we also provide medical administration services on electronic platform and mobile app. Our team of medical and business professionals will work together with you to tailor healthcare programme to the specific needs of your company and help you to achieve your goals including cost efficiency, productivity enhancement and employee loyalty.

Our healthcare solutions include:

.Outpatient Service

(General Consultation, Specialist Consultation, Physiotherapy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Diagnostic imaging & Lab Services and Day Surgery Service etc.)

.Dental Service

.Work Injury Assessment

.Pre-employment and Annual Health Assessment

.Chronic Illness Programme

.Member Service Hotline

.Third Party Administration Service

.Virtual Medical Support Service

.In-patient Admission Service & GOP Issuance Service

.Doctor Outreach Service for Hotel Clients

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Features of Our Service

  • Professional and Quality Standards
    UMP Quality Assurance and Safety Committee, constituted by experienced specialists and dental directors, provides guidance and advice on formulating and implementing clinical governance policies to ensure our services are up to international standard. UMP also have dedicated client management team in place to handle day-to-day programme administration and work closely with each corporate client to resolve operational issues on a timely basis. In addition, our medical centres in Beijing and Shanghai are accredited by The World Organization of Family Doctors (WONCA). Our medical imagining and laboratory centres are awarded by Hong Kong Laboratory Accreditation Scheme (HOKLAS) an ISO 15189:2012 accreditation.
  • One-Stop Medical Services
    UMP offer one-stop medical services, including general practitioner consultation, specialist consultation, dental services, diagnostic imaging & lab services, day surgery services and the list is not exhaustive, taking care of the health of your employees throughout the health management cycle. We also tailor corporate solutions to meet specific business needs of our clients, including credit facility, flexible billing models and third-party administration.
  • Extensive Medical Network
    UMP have more than 1,000 medical service points offering a comprehensive range of healthcare services in Hong Kong, Macau and major cities in Mainland China. We can also customize the list of service points according to the need of our clients.
  • Digital Service Platforms
    “UMP Service Point” mobile app enables our corporates and insurance members to check the doctor lists and medical centre locations, install medical e-cards and store e-voucher record to enhance customer experience. We have also developed a medical management system to improve the level of efficiency and accuracy in areas of invoicing, quotation, claim processing, appointment and member enrolment.
  • Third Party Administration Service
    To assist our corporate clients and insurance companies in dealing with complicated healthcare service processes such as medical claims and panel management, UMP have put in place a third-party administration (TPAI solution and a digital service platform. Our TPA solution covers a wide range of services, with the flexibility of being customized for unique business situation of our clients.
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